Our Khula fieldworkers met a 16 Year-old learner, who dropped out of school and who was taken off the CMUS system. They started to give her some emotional support and motivated her to return to school. After some individual attention and understanding by our team, she decided to

attempt to take control of her own future.  She turned up for school as agreed with the Khula fieldworkers.  It was an extremely cold day, but we picked her up on the way to school wearing only a summer school uniform.  She was very tearful when speaking to the Principal at Charleston Hill Secondary about the reasons for her school dropout.  Khula fieldworkers was there to support her return to school and to motivate her to look towards her future.


The learner lives between her great-grandmother, her grandmother and her own mother and whenever she turns rebellious they send her to live with somebody else.  She suffers from rejection, escpecially from her mother as she was given to her great-grandmother to be raised when she was a baby.  She believes her mother does not care about her.

A family conference was held and all the significant authority figures in her life was invited to attend. A plan was developed to support the learner and her different Care Givers!