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Our dream is...

To see every child from disadvantaged communities attend school every day.
To create a future filled with hope and expectation.
To restore and empower broken communities through love and education.

Khula Development Group

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Stellenbosch Khula are blessed with a donation from Brille en Pille. We thank them and pray that their efforts and businesses will be blessed. 

Brille en Pille 1

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Frances Louw has been appointed to head up our office in Durbanville, Phisantekraal. We know it is a Godly appointment as she is involved with children in schools long before we have met her. Her passion to help the children and commitment to the community makes her a blessing to Khula. Her humbleness with the women and her heart to serve is bringing God's love to women who needs it.

2014-04-16 10.01.15

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Khula has appointed a Social Worker, Carien van Zyl (standing on the left)), from the 1 April 2014. With her appointed Khula is able to be more effective in managing our cases. Karen Stemmet (Standing on the right) has been appointed to lead the Womens Group and help the workers to faciltate their groups at the schools.

 2014-04-07 08.55.20               

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We are having a volunteers meeting on the 9 May 2014 at 9.30am.

We invite everyone that are interested. If interested, see under

"Get Involved" what we need. 

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In Jamestown word daar in die skole sowel as die ouers se huise gebid en die Here se vrede en vreugde ingedra.



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Posted by on in Khula News

Durbanville werkers word met gebed en bemoediging ondersteun en gestuur.

2014-03-12 11.10.21

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2014-02-19 12.12.29Die nuwe werkers in Durbanville by Trevor Manual skool in Fisantekraal.

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Mrs South Africa visited Khula Stellenbosch1505467 741013955910203 740526751 n

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Khula received  a box full of love from Francis Fourie for the boys. They received sweets and presents. It was an early Christmas with a lot of love.

526589 705349682809964 1894568204 n

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At the end of 2013 we took the boys group to McDonalds and from there they went to a Paintball game. Afterwards they were so exhausted they fell asleep in the cars.

The women were treated with presents and a lunch. Tables were decorated by volunteers and a slideshow of events that happened throughout the year were shown. Photos of 

events are  published in their respective categories on the home page under Media.

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John 3:16 ‘For God so greatly loved and dearly prized the world that He gave up His only begotten Son, so that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.´ (Amplified Bible)

One of our staff members had a heavenly encounter with Jesus this past week. He said to her that eternal life is the most important issue.

Some of us know John 3:16 by heart, but what does it really mean to you /or me? Does it have implications for us who are already saved?

Jesus died so that we can live.

When our out of school boys were asked this week about eternal life and in particular what they thought we would be doing in heaven, the (somewhat shocking to me) answer was that we would be having a church service.

That must be the most disheartening thought to any young, energetic boy! Imagine sitting passively in a church service for eternity.

No! Surely we are living to fall in love with Jesus more and more every day. Every encounter with Him should bring us closer to Him and make us yearn for more of Him. Yearn to see Him face to face in heaven when the time has come. But the question is: is this the message these young  boys hear and see? How will they, and all the other unsaved people on the edge of society, get saved if all they ever hear is condemnation.

Father  forgive us.

We are called to love as we are loved. Whom do I love? How do I love? To what extend  do I love?

What does love look like?

A  Father had a Son whom He loved

He chose to let His Son die

So that millions could live

Still, millions choose to die

A Son had a Father whom He loved

The Son was obedient to His Father’s request

Obedient to die, a victorious death

So that millions could have eternal life

Yet, millions still choose to die

Why, God, why? Might the answer be that the saved has a weapon of great power  that is neglected? Used only by some; and by some only sometimes?

That weapon is PRAYER.

Someone pray!

Pray for those millions who make the wrong choices, because they are blinded, bound and deafened by the enemy. That enemy who wants to steal their lives, kill them and destroy their chances of eternity with the King of Kings.

Pray someone, please pray. 

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Posted by on in Khula News


I thank our heavenly Father for the blood that was shed, so that I could come to Him for redemption. I feel like a new person.

Thank You Lord


Oh I used to think so little of myself, I could not accept any compliment. I always asked myself: ‘why am I so ugly?’  But during these past two days, I got victory over this lie in my life. I AM FREE!


This word was for me. I took the message of Esther. I trust the Lord. I belong to Him.


I was sexually molested as a child. I did forgive, but Father said I must set them free. After the camp I have peace in my heart.


I am so thankful towards the Father that I can be part of His Kingdom. Thank you for this camp. I could spent time in quietness before the Lord, to see what He wanted to show me. The Lord is really very good to me. I don’t deserve His goodness, but appreciate it. I can only look at my own heart and try to make a difference in my community. Thank you Khula. God bless you!


When I came here I was without hope. This weekend the Father set me free


Lord Jesus, I thank You for what  You have done for me. You fed me with Your Holy Spirit. All the glory belongs to You.


The Lord has healed me in many areas of my life. I am so thankful towards Him. He is number one in  my life.


I had a good time with the Lord. Each session lifted me up and taught me.


The Lord  redeemed me from all my pain and hurt. He loves me.


The Lord came through for me in a powerful way. He made alive that which was dead. He cleansed me. Now I am free.


God restored my womanhood. He made me see, that if I want to be like a queen towards Him, I would have to make Him the King of my life first. That is why He is now my King forevermore. He also said that I have a king here on earth and that is my husband. I trust and know that God will carry me through testing times.


My body is the temple of the Most High. The message of food – or what I permit to enter into my body, was an awakening message. His blood cleansed me again.

I used suffer from inferiority, but the Lord has redeemed me this weekend.  I am free!


I am thankful that I could forgive my husband for all the times that he has made me feel that I have no worth. I also realized that I have hurt him in return. I will ask him for forgiveness again. God has forgiven me.


I feel so good after these two nights. God has opened my eyes. I have set my husband free. The Lord has made me quiet. I want to walk with Him. I am excited. I cannot wait to give my testimony at church on Sunday.


Thank you Jesus for the peace that I have in my soul.


The Lord gave me a heart of forgiveness. I want to declare it over my sister and friends.


I could forgive my father for what he has done to me when I was a little girl.


Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. I received victory over inferiority. That is what I thank the Lord for.

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Thursday 7 November the Mr. South Africa will be crowned. After a long year of hard work, it all comes together with an amazing bang, great performances, guest artists and most importantly, the top 12 Mr. South Africa 2013 finalists at Gold Reef City Lyric Theatre. Saligh Dollie, Ambassador for Khula is one of the finalists and we pray that this will be his night.

We love you, Saligh.

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Boys group (See photos in Out-of-School Boys group)

The time has arrived! As from this week, the boys are occupied by Khula FIVE mornings per week. Please feel free to pay us a visit at Butterfly house in Fairylands. Most of these groups start at 10 am. They are currently busy with a welding course on Mondays and Fridays. Art classes will be on Tuesdays. On Wednesdays, Every Nation is looking after their Spiritual needs and on Thursday the boys can join our “school” where we look at their educational needs.

We are so blessed with the donations we received from Danvillle and Francis Fourie from Abu Dhabi for the boys. Now that the water solar panels at Butterfly House work the boys can shower! They were very excited when they received their toothbrushes, toothpaste, towels etc. (all on Facebook). The art and school work is also a pleasure now that they are equipped with the right tools. 

We want to thank Butterfly House for the facilities made available for the boys.  

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By Phillip de Wet – Mail and Guardian

Principal Bonginkosi Gumede is not keen to admit it, but he is all out of ideas. Too many girls in his rural KwaZulu-Natal school do not complete their education – and after eight years of trying various interventions, he now expects that to be the case this year, and the next, and probably the year after that.
"We have lots of girls who fall pregnant here," says Gumede. "Some drop out for six months, then they come back, but most do not come back. They become mothers, they stay at home, and they never learn more."

In 2012, Gumede's school had 814 pupils. Seventy of them were pregnant during the year. Of those, 26 were under the age of consent, 16 years.
This school is not unique, nor is it an exceptional case, an annual survey of schools the department of basic education conducted in March, but has not yet released, suggests.
However, a Mail & Guardian ¬analysis of a leaked version of the survey's raw data shows there are schools with higher numbers of pregnancies than Gumede's, larger ratios of pregnant pupils, more underage girls who fall pregnant and even younger children (many under 13) who fall pregnant.
Like several of those schools, Gumede blames a range of factors: social pressure on young girls to find a man; weak health and social services; and religious communities that do not exert any pressure of their own. The department's annual survey, essentially a census of all schools in the country, is usually released as a well-digested report years after the data is gathered: the most recent officially available version dates from 2010, and was released in May 2012.

The M&G's analysis of the raw data on tens of thousands of schools shows enormous disparities between the health and wellbeing of school children in different provinces. Startlingly, the data show that, in 2012, pupils at schools in the Free State were three times more likely to die than their compatriots in the Western Cape, and also – perhaps not coincidentally – 12 times as likely to fall pregnant.
Comparing causes of death across provinces as ratios of the number of pupils in each region shows that pupils in the Free State are far more likely to die of illness or violence than children in the rest of the country. The sparsely populated Northern Cape, on the other hand, emerges as the province where schoolchildren are most prone to committing suicide. Limpopo, which reported the lowest rate of death due to accidents, violence and suicide, was nonetheless edged out as the safest province overall by the Western Cape, thanks to its remarkably low number of deaths due to illness.
According to the data, a total of 29 996 pupils are known to have been pregnant during the course of 2012. But the reality is likely to be several times that number thanks to under-reporting from school principals and because many older girls drop out of school without disclosing the fact that they had fallen pregnant.
A full third of those school pregnancies were recorded in the Eastern Cape, where 514 out of every 100 000 pupils were pregnant during 2012, according to their schools. In the Free State, with its smaller school population, that rate was 534.

Based on their grade level, which is a rough measure of age, about 25% of the girls who were reported as pregnant – nearly 7 700 – were younger than the legal age of consent. Data from individual schools also shows that about 37% of all pupils in the Eastern Cape receive social grants, as do about a third of all pupils in the Free State, the Northern Cape, Limpopo, Mpumalanga and the North West.
In the country's richest province, Gauteng, 13.3% of pupils received social grants. But in KwaZulu-Natal, the province with the largest population of schoolgoers, only 6.6% of pupils were recorded as receiving such grants.
The department of basic education has not released a report on the findings of the 2011 survey yet, making year-on-year comparisons impossible. Also not yet available is a final tally of how many schools submitted data, which would give some indication of the likely accuracy of the survey. However, numbers for both pregnancies and deaths are sharply lower than those released for 2010. "We live in a society where a majority of young children are growing up without proper access to nutrition and healthcare," said Doron Isaacs, deputy general secretary of rights organisation Equal Education.

"It's also a society where there's a lot of crime [mostly affecting townships and other poor communities], and the state of police and the criminal justice system are not helping," he said.
"[Many] schools are abandoned after 2pm or 3pm. There's no school sport or any other extramural activities. Joining a gang becomes a sport for some young people."

Human rights lawyer Faranaaz Veriava said: "Current school pregnancy guidelines are ambiguous and have not been effective."
In response to questions, the department of basic education said that as a matter of principle, it "refuses to legitimise leaked documents with a comment ¬– especially incorrect documents that are deliberately planted in the public space".
"However, we strongly refute any suggestion that, we have not released the information for public consumption. The data collated is used almost on a daily basis and for planning purposes as these issues are mainly societal matters that reflect on the broader society rather than the education sector alone."

– Additional reporting by Bongani Nkosi

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KHULA NEWS                                                                        16 September 2013


Esther 4:14 …and who knows but that you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this and for this very occasion.


We are praying for the unsaved,  for revival and  that social justice will be restored and maintained in this valley.


Our women support groups are studying the life of Esther and this week all of our ladies and the whole Khula team is praying and fasting as we are studying Esther 4, in preparation  for our yearly women’s camp at Manyano Centre. This year the camp will be from 24 to 26 September. We are planning for about 80 ladies to attend the first ever Esther camp. Stellenbosch-Khula are joining us at Manyano with their women. Please pray with us for finances for the camp! We are trusting that God will supply as He has always does.


 Have you ever witnessed a change taking place in someone’s heart? Have you ever witnessed a person being transformed? Do you want to see what it looks like? Come and visit our out- of- school- boys’ group…

They are tasting hope, they are experiencing love and finding purpose in life.

Thanks to men and women who have found a heartstring vibrate when they saw these young men; disillusioned by life, hungry, bored, addicted to various substances, hopeless… 

Change is taking place and we celebrate the goodness of Father God’s heart for these boys. Please  look at our gallery for photos and video clips.



A volunteer information morning was held on Friday 13 September at our Khula offices, in order to explain more about what Khula does. Volunteers were informed about our programs and opportunities for them to serve the community.



Our fieldworkers are working very hard and we have received letters of some schools to congratulate the workers on their efforts. We are very proud of them.  Please pray for us as we plan to release more fieldworkers into the schools in 2014.


I have set watchmen upon your walls, o Jerusalem (PAARL), who will never hold their peace day or night; you who [are His servants and by your prayers] put the Lord in remembrance [of His promises], keep not silence,                           [amplified Bible] 

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Since March 2013 more than 150 kids were integrated back into the school system. The fieldworkers perseverance through a very hot summer and cold and wet winter never stopped them to help these children. Their persistence to support and pray with the parents and follow-up on the children on a regularly basis have changed these children's lives and futures. We are grateful for the work they are doing and want to thank them for their obedience to what God has called them.   

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Khula Stellenbosch was invited to host a stall at a charity gholfday at De Zalze.  They met wonderful people and build relationships. We really trust God for helping Khula to expand our Khula services to Jamestown. See photos in Gallery

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Hettie BritzzHettie Brittz of Evergreen Parenting shared a wonderful morning with Khula!! She gave our ladies 10 very usefull tips on parenting.  Thankyou for reaching out to us Hettie! May God bless you!

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Khula had our first meeting with the principle of New Valley Primary in Durbanville!! What a wonderful experience.  This school will be the first that we render services to. Please pray for us and for Johannita le Roux who will be our Khula Branchmanager in Durbanville.

Durbanville skool

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