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Our dream is...

To see every child from disadvantaged communities attend school every day.
To create a future filled with hope and expectation.
To restore and empower broken communities through love and education.

Khula Development Group

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Recent blog posts

Posted by on in Khula News

Khula Stellenbosch started therapy sessions with one of our vulnerable children in our program and although the journey will take time, he has so far come to every session scheduled for him.  We are really trying to encourage him to attend school regularly, but also to build on his sense of identity.  He has no positive role models and is being used by some of the older boys and men to steal and misbehave.  We pray God's hand will protect him.

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Posted by on in Khula News

Our Primary Care Givers at Butterfly House had their annual Outreach distributing beanies and scarves, which they knitted themselves, by wool donated by Saprotex.  The two créches was Dal Josafat Daycare and Cathy's Daycare in Newtown.  



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Posted by on in Khula News

Our Khula fieldworkers met a 16 Year-old learner, who dropped out of school and who was taken off the CMUS system. They started to give her some emotional support and motivated her to return to school. After some individual attention and understanding by our team, she decided to

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Posted by on in Khula News

A 10 year-old girl from Chicago, Paarl-East, who lived with her grandmother and the grandmother's boyfriend in a toilet, acquired a deep cut to her right hand.  Our Explorers Co-ordinator got concerned about her and noticed that she was absent from school.  She sent our two wonderful fieldworkers to go and look for her.  They found the girl playing in a field across from where she lives.

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Posted by on in Khula News

We are standing in awe seeing the hand of God working in one of our Explorers' life.  When she was referred to our Explorer's Program she could not draw anything but circles and mushrooms.  She never made eye contact and school was overwhelming for her.

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Posted by on in Khula News

One of the learners in the Explorers program at Klapmuts moved after the death of his mother and we went to visit him in Simondium where he is now living.  It was such a blessing to visit his new home and see that he has settled into school and his new surroundings. He was very happy to see us and we can move on in peace knowing that he will still receive support from Khula Paarl (Simondium) as well as Community Keepers.  God has a plan with each one of our children!


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Posted by on in Khula News

The ladies in this Support Group really enjoyed the school readiness theme. We did the hokey pokey and made some “bean bags”.  We really focus on stimulation of the children in their care! I’ve heard so many telling me how they went home and played the educational games with their children and grand children and know this will be just the beginning of huge breakthroughs in the community.

IMG 7595

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Posted by on in Khula News

At New Orleans Primary we are seeing results after working from March 2016 with children referred to me due to behavioural problems. Two of the boys are now looking for us if we are a bit late. They can’t wait for us to come. The one boy hugged me for such a long time after a session! They are opening up their hearts and sharing their heart breaking stories.  Building a strong relationship with each child with God as our anchor is the reason for them to feel safe in our programs!

IMG 6465

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Posted by on in Khula News


At our Champion programs in Paarl East, the children speak out about their hurts when we ask them what we can pray for.  We realised that our sessions are the only enjoyable and positive input most of them ever have. The saddest thing is that many of them have no one to talk to. We implemented a new iniatiative and decided to put a Khula postbox at every school to give them the opportunity to write letters to the Khula coordinators and volunteers about their personal feelings, emotions and experiences.  in turn the Khula team reply each week, supporting the children on an emotional level and lending an ear to their problems.

IMG 8797




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Posted by on in Khula News

For many years we dreamed about a Primary Caregivers group at every school. It was a major battle to get through the obstacles, but after praying for many months and using different strategies, God birthed our fist school-based Primary Caregivers group.  We had a “koek en loer” at the beginning of the second term at Nederburg where 21 mothers turned up to come and have tea.

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Posted by on in Khula News

You may ask if it is really possible for love to make a difference……
William* is a young boy who have been bumped around by the sharp edges of live.
His father is not present in his life and his mother’s drinking problem has been a major sharp edge in his forming years.

He and two of his siblings were removed from her care and sent to live in an orphanage for a few years. They are now back with her, but she is still struggling with the addiction.

William has major anger problems and his first reaction in any difficult situation is to be on the attack. He does not allow anyone near him. He uses hard words as weapon of defence.

After looking into his eyes for the first time, God opened up a deep well of compassion  in my heart for him.  The first hug we shared left him stiff as a ramrod not sure of what to do. He was like a scared bird, his heart, screaming out for the crumbs, but too scared to come close. 

I kept on trying. I kept on hugging. God did the rest.

In this time, during a group session, we talked about what to do when the gangs in their neighbourhood start fighting.  The children was in unity about getting home as soon as possible.

William suggested that we can pray!  When I asked him what we can pray for, his words brought tears to my eyes……

”We can pray that the gangsters become obedient”  Amen Lord!

IMG 6477

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Posted by on in Khula News

A grade one learner from Orleansvale Primary School, Paarl East, is having a big breakthrough. She is part of our Explorer's program and was referred to us by the school.  The first day when we started working with her she could not recognise the letters in her name, the different colours and she struggled with fine motor skills.  She was shy and didn’t communicate a lot.  It was difficult to speak to her and give her instructions, but with weekly perserverance of working with her one on one and intense attention and support she has opened up and is starting to talk back when spoken to. Her self esteem has improved and she can recognise the letters in her name. She can also identify certain colours and she follows all the instructions which is given to her. All the glory to God and our Khula volunteers for all the love and acceptance they have given her.  We also thank the volunteers for helping and guiding her teacher....  


IMG 7254

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Posted by on in Khula News
National Child Protection Week was a great opportunity to educate the children and parents in our community. Our message was simply: Protect our Children.

Our activities included an awareness and education program, with a colouring competition and prizes for the children. Our Khula field workers wrapped trees in green and placed our beautiful 'Beskerm ons Kinders' posters at the schools.

Every day at Khula, we seek to Protect our Children, through Love and Education.
IMG 8477
IMG 8561
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One of our mothers in our Stellenbosch Primary Caregivers Group has become so encouraged and hopeful that she took out an interdict agains her husband for physical abuse against her.  She is also seeking guidance from Khula regarding information to either finsih her schooing or to attend a vocational college (she completed Grade 9).  What a huge step forward!  Praise God for helping us empowering women to finish what God has started in their lives!


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Posted by on in Khula News

Within the Stellenbosch team there has been a wonderful spiritual change.  With spiritual leadership from Maria von Backström (Stellenbosch Branch Manager) as well as Daleen Labuschagne and Carien van Zyl from Head Office, our journey as a team has been 'rebooted' and we are all eager to face the new term with openness towards each other and with God as our only guide!  We praise God for protecting and guiding us in ALL OUR RELATIONSHIPS!

IMG 7506

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One of the girls in our program is now, after Khula's intervention, attending her school (Dorothea School for special needs) regularly and has not only had a positive change in her attitude, but at home as well.  She attends school regularly and is eager to help out in the kitchen and do small tasks in and around the house.  All the glory to God!

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Two of our Charleston Hill Learners (girls) went on the Waterfall camp at Bergkroon and gave their lives to Jesus!  We are so excited to see how these girls are growing spiritually and emotionally!

We would love to see many more of these learners to give their lives to Jesus, but have a serious shortage of volunteers at Charleston Hill.  We take the boys and girls seperately each week and need volunteers on Thursday mornings to help oversee all of these Champions one-on-one.  Please contact us if you feel this is part of your calling (021) 871 1511 – Zelda Roode (Volunteer Co-ordinator).



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We have five learners- of which one cannot read and two are on grade one level in our program at Paarlzicht Primary school.  They all are experiencing  domestic violence at home, but are part of our Champions Program!  We are so amazed to be able to help them in their circumstances.

Two boys were on their way to be deregistered from school, because of absence and substance abuse, but the Headmaster asked our Auxilliary Social Worker, Brendon to inspect their circumstances first, to enable him to make the correct desicion.  After referals and investigation we are now in the process to get these two boys into a rehabilitation program, but in the meantime the school will keep them enrolled.


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Posted by on in Khula News

The year began quickly and with many new challenges, our children are exposed to so many things which we doesn't even think of, let alone experience.  One of our dearly beloved and popular boys in Nederburg Primary school, who knows the word physical abuse very well came and gave one of our co-ordinators a tight hug, telling her how much he loves her and that she will never know what all her hugs and smiles means to him!  Praise God!


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We are very excited to have been able to start the Explorers Program at Weber Gedenk Primary school, Stellenbosch.  The school welcomed us with open arms.  The first day we already experienced the Lord going ahead of us and we had the opportunity to pray with a teacher.

We received educational toy boxes from a donor and this makes learning fun for the children and I can already see the fruit of the gift.

IMG 7262  IMG 7258

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